Unfaithful wife – Raped by a friend


Agatha meets one of her children’s friends’ father and discovers that he is one of the men who gang-raped her.

He has a video of the rape and threatens to give it to her husband if she does not obey his orders.

He takes her home where he humiliates her, pisses on her, and sodomizes her while crushing her head in the toilet bowl

No. Images: 26

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2 reviews for Unfaithful wife – Raped by a friend

  1. L

    lucfinct (verified pervert)

    Absolutely love this series ! Time for poor Agatha to get blackmailed into getting some piercings on her nipples and labia, and getting whipped and lashed for not getting those piercings with a smile, while being chained and roped I would say ? Maybe have her degrade herself like poor Vanessa in that grey link of a story?

    • 3

      3DPerversion (store manager)

      Vanessa’s story is an inspiration!

  2. A

    andypandy (verified pervert)

    It’s fantastic to see Agatha sink deeper and deeper into her hell hole. Now she has two tormentors she must satisfy whenever they choose to call her. With any luch they will soon be joined by many more! Like lucfinct I would also love to see some forced piercings done, especially on her labia and tits – I just wonder how she would explain those to her husband…

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