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    Unfaithful wife – Gang rape


    Agatha’s master has taught her a very important lesson: For a slave, training is indispensable.

    Her master has a basement in his house where he trains her. In that basement, Robert has fucked her in every possible way and has taught her how to give pleasure to her master. Whenever her master commands her, she goes to his basement to receive slave training.

    The rules in the basement are strict: She must go always naked, shaved, clean and willing to blindly obey her master.

    She always obeys her master, but she did not expect the hard test to which her master will submit her today: He puts her a mask that prevents her from seeing anything and chains her totally naked to the bed, with her legs wide open and her shaved pussy exposed.

    When she is immobilized and blind, he opens the door to a group of men, parents of her children’s friends at school, so that everyone will fuck her.

    Agatha writhes and screams trying to break free, but it’s useless. All the men start raping her through all her holes as they grope and humiliate her.

    When the gang rape ends, Agatha can only crouch in a corner, covered in semen and saliva, and cry in tears.

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    Will Agatha ever again deal with her master after this tremendous rape and humiliation or has she overstepped her bounds?

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    Unsure girl 3


    Nancy is on her knees, sucking the club owner’s cock while he talks on the phone with a client. He offers her to the client. She is the novelty of the club.

    She listens to the conversation while sucking and strives to get it right. Then, he ejaculates on her face and on her tits and she asks if she really is good at sucking cocks. She wants to be the best cocksucker in the club.

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    Unfaithful wife 2


    Agatha and her husband walk through the park when they meet Robert. Agatha pretends not to know him and, while her husband is absent for a few minutes to pick up the children from school, Robert orders her to give him a blow job in the park.

    She obeys worried by the risk that her children’s friends will see her kneeling and sucking.

    When her husband returns, she still has cum from her master hanging on her chin.

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    Unsure girl 2


    Nancy’s first day at the club. She is fucked by a client who begins to beat her brutally while he fucks her. Nancy ends up crying on the floor of the room, covered in cum and bruised by the beating.

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    Unsure girl


    Nancy is a young girl ashamed of her body. She thinks she is too thin and would like to change her body to be more attractive to guys. She’d like to get a boob job, but her mother won’t let her because she’s too young and Nancy hasn’t money to pay for the surgery.

    Nancy has heard of a club on the other side of town where they let inexperienced girls work and they pay very well. There maybe she can get the money she needs…

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    Job interview

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    She needs the job and will do anything to get it.

    Ask her the right questions and she will end up sucking your dick.
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    Nurse raped

    Rated 0 out of 5

    She finishes a 12-hour nurse shift, changes clothes and heads to a birthday party.

    But in the parking lot, deserted at that hour, a rapist is waiting…

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    Wife-slave candidate

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    Mr Whiteman, the richest and most powerful man in the AD-432 star system, is looking for a new wife.

    To get her, he hires a company that will screen potential candidates.

    Sunny introduces herself to the selection process in hopes of becoming his wife and thus leaving the drug and prostitution suburb where she currently lives.

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    Sentences of humiliating


    Since the adoption of the law on ill-treatment of women, sentences of humiliating treatment have become common in the country.

    Scarlett must report every day, from 5 pm to 6 pm, to receive a humiliating and degrading treatment session, where she is treated like a piece of shit and she is used to giving pleasure to any man

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    Obedient wife 8.13

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    Her husband invites a sexy colleague girl to their home for a drink. When the three are chatting friendly, he reveals to her that he is going to fuck with his co-worker there, in their house.

    He goes to the bedroom to fuck his partner while his wife hears them moaning from the living room.

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